I thought it was riddem drum cuts from deep in the great lost city of Atlantis where they play music on fossils and broken bits of debris and the melody was made from Dolphins throwing wave after wave of fresh sea bass in our direction. Sea and Bass is the best genre of the 17th Century. So many poets wrote great works upon the dutty riddem. Smooth – Lost Without

– World of sursphere’a


This is part of the reason why I love Mr Suicide Sheeps channel, if someone doesnt have the same musical taste as other they get informed, not bashed on like the rest of youtube. Miusha – Out Of Mind (Implex & Spherique Remix)

– Scott Conrad


Sayonara means…goodbye? I mean; this suppose to be sad, but the sounds brings the Goodbye, Adeu, Sayonara, a particular meaning; so hopeful and happy…(: Mango is always leading to feelings! Mango – Sayonara

– Some kind of Human


happy feelings, even if it means good bye, to know that even if we are apart from the ones we love, we keep them in our hearts and minds till they return or till we see them again. Mango is amazing at bringing joy out of the listener – great work Mango!! Mango – Sayonara 

– Peter Koning


You are one of those person that are like us, but we are separated in the world but no for the music. Is nice to see words like your words. Sorry my english, I’m from Spain, best regards, and feel the life!  Mango – Sayonara 

– DonMichaelCapone


Sometimes when i come home from a party, when i’m really tired, i lay in my bed, put this song on, close my eyes and wait for some clouds to carry my tenderly to sleep…:) this song is absolutely awesome…  Mango – Sayonara 

– BetaP


I never thought I’d actually see a real MySpace link. Mango – Sayonara 

– skdemusic003


makes me emotional. I remember when this video was uploaded. Channel has done so well.. Proud of you Sheepy. Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– Caylin Rachelle


Of course, private life change the way you feel the music. It is not just music for me. This channel helped me to keep my head up every day, to escape myself, to feel at home, good and integrate with people who think the same way than me and it changed my vision of the world. Even it is not much, this is enough to be felt. 😀 Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– DPowwaaa


I love you all 🙂 I just felt like saying that! Sheepys channel makes me feel happy, I feel like we are a family 🙂 PCE! going to listen to all his songs! :d Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– MysticBeats


I made the pilgrimage of a lifetime! I have found some phenomenal tracks that will stay with me for a lifetime. I guess I’m not alone in this journey. Glad to see so many people involved. Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– Hipy24


April 19 shall be sheeepy day! Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– muleFUEL1


Theres a kind of, emotional sentiment to this first upload. It’s where everything started and I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t found Sheepy I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thanks sheep. I’ve never met you but you played a big role in my life. Drifta – Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)

– XxSincerlyMexX